Lindsey McDonald (evilhandissue) wrote in canon_muses,
Lindsey McDonald

Canon Muses #43c

"Enjoy life. There's plenty of time to be dead." -Unknown

Lindsey walked into his apartment, tossing his keys down on the counter. Days after the wine cellar massacre hadn't dulled the pain in his body, and instead of making something to eat, he went straight to the pain reliever that was his best friend - the whiskey bottle.

He didn't bother with the shot glass, just drinking straight from the bottle before putting it down and sorting through the stack of mail on his counter. Bill. Bill. Credit card offer. Bill. Music catalog (W&H gave free BMG Music Club subscriptions, go figure).

Same thing, day in, day out. Wake up, go to work, come home, and sleep. When he was a teenager, he remembered wanting to move to a big city where he could stay up all night and party. Become a big time recording artist, meeting hot women, waking up in their beds, no day like the next. What ever happened to that?

"Why do you still keep that guitar, Lindsey? It's not like you can play it anymore."

"It reminds me of who I used to be. So I don't forget."

Lindsey turned slowly as Darla closed the closet door, having hung her jacket up. She laughed softly, then walked to him, pressing her body up against his. "Forget what, Lindsey? The wholesome farm boy that you were born as? You've made yourself into so much more. Why would you want to remember that?"

"So I don't return to that life," he lied, putting the whiskey down, closing his eyes as he focused on Darla's body against his.

"I'd doubt they would take you back. After all, you come from a god fearing family, and you're working for evil. Not really something that would make Daddy proud."

"So I'm stuck here for the rest of my life, binded to Wolfram and Hart with no escape. No life."

"God, Lindsey, if I wanted to watch someone brood, I would go give a visit to Angel."

Lindsey's head snapped down to glare at her. "Don't you dare..."

Darla grinned. "Do I sense a bit of jealously? Mmm, Lindsey. Forget all about the firm for tonight. The night is young, and you've got me here to keep you company all night long. Let's live a little, shall we darling? You can brood later."

"You staying this time?"

"Perhaps. If you make it worth my while." She gave him a smile full of dark promises, then pushed away from him and started towards the bedroom. Working his tie off with his good hand, he left the whiskey on the counter and followed.

Well, maybe he did get a bit of that dream life after all.

Lindsey McDonald
Angel the Series
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