Lindsey McDonald (evilhandissue) wrote in canon_muses,
Lindsey McDonald

Courtyard - CM# 40B

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Lindsey stood in the archway, hiding in the shadows as he waited patiently. It was a warm day in Los Angeles, but raining enough to make it necessary for cover.

His eyes watched the door just past the end of the passageway, waiting for the person inside to come out - or at least open the door to let him in. The passage was windy, after all.

There was a bit of humor about the situation, in his mind. Long ago, before he moved to LA, Lindsey used to wait outside in the shadows waiting for girls to sneak away from their daddies for a fun night out with him. Not that it was a bad thing, as his mamma had always taught him to treat ladies with respect. No, it was because he was a McDonald, and in Oklahoma... that wasn't a good name to carry.

The girls couldn't let their daddies know he was dating them, because they would chase him away with their shotguns. How dare their little girl get involved with a roughneck from the wrong side of the tracks. Oh yes, it was always fun knowing that these girls choose him over their daddies. It made the risk of being caught all the more enticing.

And here he was, back in LA, and doing the same thing. And as Eve stepped out from her apartment and saw him, his grin grew. Oh yes, if only her "daddies" knew about this little relationship that she was hiding from them. They would come after him with something a lot worse than a shotgun, that was for sure.

Muse: Lindsey McDonald
Angel the Series
words - 270
Tags: angel: lindsey mcdonald
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